The White Summit

The White Mountains, or Lefka Ori, is the largest massif on the island and its highest summit is Pahnes (2.453 m).

The heart of this imposing range includes the Mountain Desert, where more than fifty peaks named Sori (piles), reminding of cones, exceed the altitude of 2.000 m.

During this carefully designed private tour you will be able to visit this vast landscape and walk all the way up to the highest peak of the White Mountains called “Pachnes”.
After picking you up, our expert Mountain Guide will drive you in the South part of Chania region towards the begin of the Hike.

The way to the beginning of the Hike is exciting, and during the drive you will have the chance to see beautiful landscapes and remote small villages.
When you will arrive at the highest point of the drive, our Guide will escort you towards the top of the white mountains in an approximately two hours climb.
During your Hike you will be able to stop and rest and also you will have the oportunity to admire one of the most striking landscapes you are ever likely to come across!

Many people compare the “Pachnes” area it with “the moon landscape” due to the wilderness of the rocky environment.
when you will finally reach the top you will have the time to rest and take beautiful photos of this amazing place.

After your return in the vehicle, our Guide will drive you in a small Local restaurant and there you will enjoy a nice local Cretan Lunch.
In the end of this tour you will be driven back at your location, full of nice memories, and with a big satisfaction of having conquered on of Crete’s Highest Peaks!

From 121€ per person

(see our price table below)


8 hours


150km (Approx.)


4km in total (Approx.)


Max altitude reach: 2453m


Greek, English, French


Hiking Tour


High Mountain Tour


4x4 off-road tour


Extreme natural beauty


Photo Spots


Traditional villages


Food tasting



  • This tour starts 9:00 am from Chania region and in our way to the South we will make some stops to rest.
  • When we arrive at the remote Village of Sfakia, we will start our way up towards the mountains.
  • The way to the white mountains is a long rocky dirt track thats why we will use a 4×4 vehicle.
  • Later on we will arrive at the Rousies area where we will leave the vehicle and prepare for our climb.
  • Our expert Mountain Guide will give you a detailed briefing and all the nescesary advice to ensure that everything will go as planed.
  • After the briefing we will start our climb to the Pachnes Peak.
  • The duration of the climb is approximately 2 hours(depending on the fitness level).
  • During the climb we will do at least a couple of stops for resting, for snacks that our Guide will provide and for adaptation to high altitude.
  • when we will arrive at the top we will stay to admire the view and take nice photos.
  • After we will start our way back to the car.
  • Later on we will drive to a small tarditional village and you will be able to enjoy a nice lunch in one Local tarditional restaurant.
  • Finally we will start our way back to your accomodation.

What’s included

  • Private transportation from and to your location with A/C vehicle.
  • English and French speaking local Mountain Guide and guiding services.
  • Traditional local meal with wine and “raki”.
  • Sampling of local treats and specialties.
  • VAT, local taxes and fees, liability insurance.

Important notes!

  • This Tour requires some Hiking experience and medium to high level of fitness.
  • The tour involves driving in windy roads so be prepared and take your pills if you get car sick.
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes or hiking boots and take an extra pair of socks.
  • Take sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Bring a jacket with you(some times it gets really cold/windy in the top).


650 €
690 €
730 €
770 €
880 €
910 €
940 €
970 €



  • This tour is only for Chania and the Rethymno region.
  • For pickups out of Chania region (more than 25 km of Chania city center), there is an additional charge of 20€ – 100€ depending on the distance and the number of persons. It has to be paid with cash on the day of the tour at the pickup spot.
  • You will be notified about the pickup time and the additional charge (if it is required), with a second email following the confirmation email after your booking.

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