Our Recommended Tours

Our recommended tours are daily excursions, from a few hours up to a full day, specially designed for guests who want to enjoy an experience beyond the usual and obvious.

Our biggest advantage is our passion, love and knowledge for Crete, and our need to transmit this culture of hospitality.

We want to help our guests understand, see and feel, as much as possible for this unique island and all its hidden treasures.

Join us in carefully designed private tours, and spend a day with us which will leave you with a sweet taste and a big smile of happiness…

The 4 Winds

Chania city
private tour

Discover the most beautiful parts of the city and take a trip through time and history of the original cultural parts of Chania (Ottoman, Venetian, Egyptian and Jewish).

Duration: 4 hours

Price: from 115€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

Spirit of Crete

Nature, mountain & villages private tour

Welcome to a journey of discovering the real Crete!!! Drive through picturesque scenery, small villages and the wider area of the white mountains. Taste a traditional homemade Cretan meal and drink local wine and “raki”. Meet local people, learn Cretan traditions and history. See Crete through the eyes of a local and feel the warmth of Cretan hospitality. That’s the spirit of Crete!!!

Duration: 8 hours

Price: from 95€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

Drops of Crete

Wine, Beer and Olive Oil tasting private tour

Dive in a journey, to discover, learn about and taste 3 of the most pure Cretan famous products. Wine – Beer – Olive Oil! Visit with us in a day, one traditional family winery, one organic olive oil farm and the first Cretan family micro-brewery… taste the drops of Crete!!!

Duration: 6-7 hours

Price: from 90€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

Pathway to Tranquility

4×4 off road exploration
and private beach swimming tour

Do you want to spend a day exploring the Cretan wilderness? Do you want the thrill of driving off the beaten track in a 4×4 vehicle? Do you want to swim in crystal clear water on a secluded beautiful beach, away from the crowded touristi beaches? Do you want to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of “Hidden” Crete? In addition, do you want to enjoy a traditional Cretan meal, in a small family tavern?
Then “Pathway to Tranquility”, is the tour for you!!!

Duration: 6 hours

Price: from 95€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

Deep Blue

South coast, secluded beaches, a private boat trip

Welcome to a “dive” into the peaceful and crystal-clear waters of the South. Admire the breathtaking views of the steep and wild Cretan coasts. Explore remote and secluded beaches. Relax and feel the warm sun. Taste a Cretan meal in a small hidden beach and enjoy this beach-hopping private boat trip. Feel the tranquility of the blue.

Duration: 9-10 hours

Price: from 285€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

The Hidden Routes of Crete

Small Gorges and canyons of Crete, easy Hiking trails

Do you want to visit quite and beautiful places, away from the crowded beaches of Crete?
Do you enjoy spending time in remote areas and walking in small dirt tracks?
Whether you’re a beginner to Crete trails, you’ve got your kids in tow, or you just want to relax and take in the views, “The Hidden Routes of Crete” are the perfect choice for you!

Duration: 8 hours

Price: from 110€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

A Monk's Journey

Sacred Places, Hidden Churches and Monasteries Private Tour

Travel with us and learn the History of the religion on Crete.
This is a private tour designed for people who are facionated by the Orhodox History and culture.
During this private experience, you will be able to visit beautiful and remote small churches,ancient Orthodox ruins and Monasteries.
Join us and discover religion on Crete, in a beautiful monks Journey!

Duration: 8 hours

Price: from 100€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

WW2 - The Battle of Crete

Private Historical

Welcome to a tour specially designed for guests who are interested in the history and events of the second world war. Travel through various places of interest, learn about and see the most important locations where the Battle of Crete took place. Also visit monuments, memorials and the two war cemeteries.

Duration: 7-8 hours

Price: from 115€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

The White Summit

Pachnes peak, White Mountains Private Hiking Tour

This special Private tour is designed for people who like hiking and climbing on High Mountains!
During this Private Experience you will have the chance to walk in a very remote area and you will get a taste of one of the most striking landscapes you are ever likely to come across.
If you are looking for the oportunity to discover one of Cretes Highest Peaks and admire the amazing view from a unique point then “The White Summit” is an ideal tour for you!

Duration: 8 hours

Price: from 145€ / person (for up to 8 persons)

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